Restaurant Review: Café Rouge, Liverpool

If there’s one thing I love about this time of year, it’s the Autumn/Winter menus popping up in restaurants all over. There’s nothing better on a cold Autumn day than a warming stew or homemade soup to warm you up and bring back those childhood homely memories. That said, I was excited to be recently asked to try out Café Rouge’s new Autumn Winter Issue menu in their Liverpool branch.

As we arrived, we were instantly greeted by the manager, Emma, who talked us through all the new additions to the menu, her own recommendations and asked us if we wanted any drinks. After looking at the menu, both me and my partner we’re attracted to the sound of winter cocktails. There was about 8 different cocktails on their but we went for “Le Bon Rouge”, a gin cocktail served in a jam jar, and “Cerise Fizz” which was rum. Rum cocktails are my favourite all times of the year, but there’s something particularly warming about them in the colder months. Both were nice and complimented the food perfectly.

Starters, we both went for soup. I went for the winter vegetable soup, with pesto and crusty bread. This is on the menu throughout the year but fits nicely in this new issue. My partner went for the french onion soup, which is one of the new additions. It has the nice, rich taste you’d expect, but the additions of large croutons breaks it up nicely and fills the gap ready for the rest of the meal. A perfect start really and definitely recommend both soups if visiting.

The main event was the one I was excited for. I did some research of the new menu before visiting and the new addition to the menu, Boeuf Bourguignon had already caught my eye. The manager also picked this as one of her recommendation so that settled it for me really, I had to get it. I was not disappointed. It came in a big bowl with herby mash potato and glazed carrots on top and it was the kind of meal I just love to have at this time of year. I tasted like a home-cooked meal and was really filling. My partner picked the Rib-Eye steak, also new to the menu, which comes with chips and salad. There’s a selection of sauces you can pick for this at an extra cost, but it comes with garlic butter anyway so not always needed.

By the time it came to puddings, we were actually pretty full so decided to share the Crème brûlée, which was a little disappointing. The top tasted a little too burnt for my liking, but the filling nice and came with a raspberry sorbet which cleared my pallet nicely to finish the meal. All in all, a nice warming meal with plenty of new options on the Autumn Winter Issue menu to try out, a good enough reason to come out of hibernation these cold months for sure.

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