Why Every Guy Should Own A Car

Per stereotype, men love cars. We are bonkers about cars. But is that really true? It can’t be true that all men love cars. In fact, it is highly likely that most men have an interest in cars but do not quite love cars. Putting that aside though, all men should own a car. There are a variety of reasons why this is so and here being a few of them.


Public transport is great. Walking is great. Cycling is great. But none of these are as practical as owning a car. To put it in perspective, there is only so much you can carry when you are walking or taking public transport or cycling. However, with a car, you can pack a lot in without much difficulty and the bigger the car, the more you can pack. This makes shopping or transporting things much easier.

If you are a DIY sort of guy, then owning a car is almost essential as it allows you to transport tools and materials far easier. Imagine having to carry a tool box on the bicycle or lug materials through the streets on foot. Simply putting them in the back of your own car would make it easier and quicker.


If you are a car lover, then you may care about how stylish your car is and how that can enhance your own style. Consider your own personal style and your own personal brand and imagine how a car can enhance that vision. Cars are great for matching with how we see ourselves and how we wish others to see us.



Guys love to be individual and having the freedom to do what they want when they want, whether that be shopping, a sport or going on an adventure. A car is the perfect vehicle for allowing you to do that. Public transport can do that, but you must schedule your life around their available time and they don’t always get you to the exact place. With a car, you can set your life by your time. You don’t have to set off two hours earlier than necessary to catch two buses and three trains.

A car also offers you a chance to escape the same environments you see every day. Sick of simply going to the same places in your town or city? Then why not take your friends and family and head somewhere random for the day. A car makes these trips so simple and easy.

It makes dating easier

Guys, no matter if you date girls or guys, a car simply makes the act of dating easier. You can pick them up and take them out for dinner without having to worry about getting sweaty in summer or wet in the rain in winter (well in Britain it is wet all the time). You can arrive fresh and ready to eat if you drive to the restaurant.

Similarly, you could take your partner out for a romantic drive to a special location or have a fun day trip out that isn’t spoilt through public transport. You can set off when you both want and work to your time and no one else’s.


It is your space

Never underestimate the power of having your own space. For many of us, we don’t have a space that is solely ours. Some of us live with our parents. Some of us live with our partners and our families. Some of us live with our friends. The truth is we may have our own rooms, but they are not truly our own spaces because when you live with others, they can pay you a visit whenever they wish. However, with your own car, you can have that personal space. If you are the sole owner of the car and the sole driver, you can turn your cabin into a truly personal place just for you. Obviously, you may give people lifts, however, it will be your space so you get to make all the rules.

If you are one of those who don’t have a car or maybe you fancy a new car, then consider getting one on contract hire. Through this policy you can get a brilliant personal lease car and drive away on your own adventure.

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