What’s in my grüum Skin-care Kit?

Skincare and beauty subscription boxes are something that i’ve seen becoming ever more popular recently (since i’ve been blogging anyway), but it’s usually female focused and i’ve never really looked in to it. However, recently I stumbled upon Manchester based face-care brand grüum (pronounced groom) who create face-care kits based around your needs, whether that’s having a beard, shaving or struggling with acne. They create the kits for you, giving you exactly what you need without being tied down.

gruum kit review

Taking a little look at their website, I can see they’re inspired by Scandinavian minimal designs. The product and logo designs are something I always look at when choosing a product and I feel it actually makes the decision to buy for me. So basically, they put the kits together for you, depending on your needs, and each product has a purpose in working together to help your facial needs. The boxes get delivered to you, when you need too so no problems with running out.

I decided to give it a try and set up a kit for my own needs, which was a combo between the cleanse and shave options. So what’s in my grüum skin-care kit?

1. kóri | Exfoliating face wash

A face wash is something I don’t usually use, but I thought i’d give this one a try and i’m very impressed. The fresh citrus scent doesn’t half revitalise you in the morning, waking up at 7am usually has it’s problems but this certainly helps. Like all grüum products it has natural ingredients, with this one featuring orange, eucalyptus and witch hazel.

2. kåre | Daily moisturiser

I’m really fussy with moisturisers and find the thicker products usually leave my skin even drier than before use, but this one isn’t the latter and certainly does the job of keeping my skin feeling fresh throughout the day, especially in these colder months it’s needed. This one features cedar wood, sage and rosemary and isn’t too scented, which I find is a good thing.

3. gösta | Facial tonic 

I wish I had been introduced to facial tonic earlier. I started using this, this year, for the first time and it gives your skin fresh feeling, around the facial hair in particular. Works perfectly with the face wash and features the same ingredients. Simply mist over the face and allow for a few seconds to dry.

4. danne | Shave gel

My facial hair is something I shave every 2 or so weeks so i’m not as reliant on this product as others, but I thought i’d give it a try with a clean face (just after shower is best) and shave around the neck area. I really like this product because it prevented any redness which usually comes with a close shave so all I can say is it certainly does it’s job.


You can find the guys over on Twitter and Instragram, where they retweet your kits using the hash tag #MyGruumKit. If you’ve used these before let us know…

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