Best Cars to Match Your Personality

We, as humans, try to match material things like clothing, stationery and technology to our personalities. If we are a sharp, creative kind of personality we try to dress casually rather than in a suit. If we are professional with the high aims of ambition ahead of us, we dress to impress in a way that proves we want it all.

But do we do the same with our cars? Some of us do and some of us don’t.

And should we? Hell, yes!

But what car should you get to match your personality? Here are just a few suggestions.


Are you one those people who crave success in work and in life? If so, then a German executive saloon should be your car of choice. These cars, whether it be a Mercedes, Audi or BMW all represent the success of those who aimed high and succeeded. It is why entrepreneurs drive around in big Mercedes S-Class saloon or young executives who have recently been promoted to management zip around in BMW 1-Series.

Obviously, it all depends upon budget, so if you are the young ambitious type, you can go for a BMW 1-Series or an Audi A1 or even splash out on a Mercedes C-Class if you are lucky enough. For those of your further up the job ladder and with a little more disposable cash, you should get a gentlemanly cruiser in the form of a BMW 6 Series GT or a Mercedes S-Class. Seriously if you have the money and you are a man running a business or a team, then you deserve to treat yourself to lovely executive vehicle.


Speed Freak

Ok, gentlemen, some of you are definitely going to be adrenaline junkies. That means you love power and speed in your cars. Again, this will depend upon income, but there is a grand selection of cars to suit your craving for speed. You can either choose a supercar or a sports car depending entire on your budget.

For those of you who are of modest means, then you have a great choice of sports cars ready to fulfil your speed need. For speed, power, noise and pure entertainment, you could invest in either a new Ford Mustang GT or a new Ford Focus RS. Both are around £30-40,000. However, if that is too high for you, gents, you can check out the brilliant Mazda MX-5 – the best two seater sports car on the planet.

For those of you with real wealth, you should consider the vast variety of supercars. A good old Aston Martin would do you great. You get to feel like James Bond and you look good whilst you’re doing it. Check out the Aston Martin DB11. If you want to spend even more money, then there are a couple of suggestions. Well three to be exact. The Porsche 918 Spider, Ferrari LaFerrari and the McLaren 675 LT.


The Adventurer

Previously, if a man had wanted a car to go on an adventure in, he had one choice. The Land Rover Defender. However, last year, Land Rover killed the Defender. So, what do gents like yourself do if you find yourself wanting to be like Bilbo Baggins and wishing to go on an adventure. Well, you could easily wait until the brand-new Defender is released next year or the year after. But in the meantime, you have a few other choices to look at.

If you wish to stay with quality, then you stay with Land Rover and consider two of their vehicles. You have the Land Rover Discovery, aptly named because it is a fantastic mid-size SUV that allows you to go discovering new places you may never have been before thanks to its all-wheel drive and terrain adaptive technology. If this Discovery is too big for you, you could get the Freelander replace from Land Rover, the Discovery Sport. It is a compact SUV version of the Discovery.

If, like above, you are of modest means, then check out the Dacia Duster. It has received good reviews and is well worth a consideration. It has a lot to offer, especially space and off-road ability.


Practical sort

Raise your hand if you are a practical guy? You are most likely after a car that can help you carry large amounts of items or equipment, but doesn’t necessarily have to be a van. The answer is an estate car.

If an estate car sounds great to you, then first you must look at Skoda. Skoda has two brilliant estates. The Skoda Superb Estate and the Skoda Octavia Estate. These are both affordable cars that offer litres of boot capacity, making them perfect for those of you who are looking to maybe do up their own house or garden and need to transfer a lot of materials. Or maybe you want to go on holiday with your family and need space for all the luggage. These two Estate cars would be brilliant for you.

Show off

Let us be honest, there are those of us out there who just like to show off. We get a new jacket or suit or watch and we need to share it with the World. We take selfies after the gym because we know we look good. We take pictures with our partners because we know both of us look good. We just like people to know that we are happy with our lives and we have great things to go with it.

So here are the prestige cars for the guys like you who love to show off.

For power and just plain scariness, whilst look exceptionally good, check out the Koenigsegg Regera. When this car is released and you want to turn heads, this hypercar will be the one to do it. If a hypercar is too expensive for your wallets, then a Nissan GT-R is closer to affordability and has the looks and the power to grab anyone’s attention.

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