Thomas & Evans No.1 Sophisticated Soft Drinks

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you’ll know I often feature different brands and products that I feel are worth sharing and this is certainly one of them. A couple of months ago I wrote a post about organic, fair trade drinks I had tried and enjoyed, so i’ve decided to share another.

The guys at Thomas & Evans sent me over their ‘No. 1’ sparkling soft drink and just looking at the bottle it screams tradition and elegance, which coincided perfectly with the taste. I’d spotted it a few times in Harvey Nichols (usually in the Christmas pop up stores) and at £3.95 a bottle it’s not just something you pick up for a quick fix.

thomas and evans no 1 soft drink image

So what’s involved? Well, without reading the labels I gave it a try and the first taste that came in to my head was an ice lolly (lolly ice?) I used to have as a child. I couldn’t quite put my finger on which one this was though, but there you go. It tastes delicious and would be great for if you don’t drink alcoholic beverages but want something a bit nicer, or would go great with a gin. It’s hand picked green fruit juices (apple, grape and lime), filtered through silver-birch charcoal, and natural botanicals captured through steam distillation. I’m not going to pretend I know how this is made, but you can tell from the taste, bottle design and branding that there’s real time and intelligence put in to making this, which I definitely recommend trying.

Best served chilled with ice, a slice of apple and rosemary and worth savouring. Drop me a comment below if you’ve tried it or have any other recommendations.

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