Travel Diary: Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

Following on from my Budva post all about my recent travels this Summer, i’d like to show you the beautiful town of Kotor in Montenegro. After finding the local bus station hidden in-between what looked like some kind of bird zoo, we took the cheap trip up the coast to Kotor (about £7 each a ticket) and it was so worth it.

The bus drops you off at the top of town, surrounded by abandoned buildings and what looks like not much, but once you walk down in to the town you’re hit with the beauty of the bay hidden in the mountains. You can certainly see why most European cruise ships stop here for the day, and after having a sneak peak of the area on our first day (we needed to get a ferry across for a quicker route to Budva), I was excited to explore more.


At first we thought it was a bit quiet, and after we stopped off at a nice pizza place on the promenade, we followed the crowds through the walls and in to the old town, which we didn’t even know was there. The old town was fantastic, full of little ice cream stalls, shops and restaurants with loads of streets to explorer. Don’t be fooled in to going for the first eatery you can find as there’s so much more hidden in there. The one thing I love about these kind of places is seeing how the locals live, old fellas sat having an afternoon beer in the sun, reading the newspapers, what a life.

Everywhere advertised I saw these adverts for a ‘luxury’ shopping centre situated in Kotor, but after walking there, it wasn’t all that. I did pick up a Montenegrin Rio 2016 Olympics t-shirt which I’m pretty proud of though 😂.. Other notable things worth visiting in Kotor; there’s a cat museum if that’s your thing (there were cats everywhere in the street) and a small local catholic church you can pay andold man €2 euro to go inside, this was beautiful and well worth taking a look, you get a good view from the roof too.

You can really get lost in Kotor, but with spectacular views of the bay from the top, and great places to sit on the promenade it’s well worth a visit. We spent about 5 hours in total here, which was in the afternoon, but I can imagine it’s delightful in the evening too.

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