Fragrance Review: Gruhme No. 14

I’m always looking for a summer holiday fragrance, one that reminds you of that week away in the sun for years afterwards. So I was recently delighted to receive a parcel from the guys at Gruhme before my trip to Montenegro, and inside the careful packaging was their new eu de toilette, Gruhme No. 14.

If you don’t know much about Gruhme, they’re a 100% British independent fragrance company who pride themselves on iconic, elegant scents. At only 3 years old (formed in 2013) they have the precise attention to detail with their products that you would expect from an established, classic brand. You can find out more about them on Twitter too.

So, a bit about their No. 14 fragrance. This is a more intense version of their popular original scent and the newest arrival to the growing collection. At first spray I was excited to find citrus aromas that i’ve always been a fan of this time of year (think Acqua di Parma or Tom Ford), italian influences and aromas of Bergamot and Lemon, but with a woody base. I feel this scent if used lightly could be used as a day time spray but use a bit more and it’s definitely got the ingredients for a night out scent.


The bottle and design itself is very classy and feels expensive (you wouldn’t know it’s only £45 for 100ml). It comes in a heavy black bottle with minimal white text (the box was the same style) and stands great next to the classic fragrance bottles. My only problem is you can’t see inside the bottle to know when you’re in need of a top up and be careful on the spray a lot can come out, but apart from this it’s definitely my favourite fragrance at the moment and one I will use for years to come.

Have you used Gruhme too? Let me know what you think or recommend any other fragrances I should know about.

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