Fashion Brand Focus: ETO Jeans

There’s nothing more important than a good pair of jeans and I find it the hardest thing to get right. Once I’ve found a brand or style that works, I barely venture out to try something new and it’s the last thing I look for when shopping for new items.

I recently stumbled upon ETO Jeans (Engineered to Order) and was instantly excited by their range of jeans on offer, to which I went straight for the slim fit jeans (sticking to my usual style again). After checking out their Twitter, I found out they’re an independent clothing brand from Lancashire, and being originally from there myself I connected with them as a brand and thought i’d share them with you.

After doing a bit of research I found they were launched in 2007 and the co-founders took inspiration from visiting architectural sites designed by the iconic Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí (I highly recommend a trip to Barclona whilst i’m at it). Gaudí was renowned for reflecting his highly individual and distinctive style to his work, which is something ETO certainly do.

If, like me, you like slim fit jeans they’ve got a great pair of black stretch jeans, which is a staple for any wardrobe and can go well with a t-shirt & trainers for casual but personally think they look great with desert boots and a shirt too. If slim fit isn’t your thing they also do a great collection of regular, tapered, anti-fit and chinos (recently wore these on my holiday rolled up and really liked) each with little attributes to the design and attention to detail, making them stand out from other brands.

Let me know what you think, and if you know any other local independent brands I should check out then send them my way.

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4 thoughts on “Fashion Brand Focus: ETO Jeans

  1. Love the styling of these jeans. Yep, jeans are fab and never do I feel more comfortable than when I’m wearing a pair, which is more often than not. I shall mention this brand to my hubby – and we’re both a fan of Gaudi (that park in Barcelona featuring many of his works is incredible) so that’s a bonus too. Tx

  2. Oooo they do sound really great!! Shame I haven’t heard of them until now but I shall check them out right now!

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