Review: BRYT Skincare Men’s Collection

I was recently delighted to receive a parcel from the guys at BRYT Skincare and inside an array of colour boxes containing their ‘BRYT for him‘ collection, including hair & body wash, moisturiser, shaving oil and face foaming cleanser.

Their slogan on the boxes reads “Invest in youthful skin” and their products combine essential oils with advanced methods of ‘Photoscience’, which is something I see popping up more and more in skin & hair care products. Plant ingredients are used to cleanse, nourish and protect the skin sensitively.

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I’ve always looked after my skin when it comes to moisturising and face cleansing so i’m really happy to try a new product. However, I usually shave in a rush so was really excited to try the shaving oil to see if made any difference. I had seen BRYT’s female range in Waitrose before (their coloured packets stand out on the shelves) but didn’t know there was a men’s collection. Anyway, over the last month i’ve been using it…

Hair & Body Wash

I get through a lot of shower gel so tend to not splash the cash on a more ‘luxury’ product but I can see why people do. This was a really fresh product that left my skin feeling noticeably invigorated once used daily, compared to the cheaper products I usually use. I felt even though I used it daily it lasted a long time, getting your moneys worth and not much is needed due to amino acids from apples in there, creating soft bubbles allowing to clean all over.

At around £14 it’s a bit more than your usual, but I personally feel it’s worth the money. It features sea minerals and vitamins to improve the appearance of hair, along with super antioxidants (yeah me neither) to help foliate.

Shaving Oil

This was the thing that excited me the most after using it the past few weeks. I’ve never used a shaving oil before and usually just wet shave. This shaving oil was great! It made the beard hairs feel softer, and the skin too after shave, particularly where I close shave under the chin.

This is definitely something I’ll continue to use for years and something I hadn’t thought about previously. It contains extracts of almond and olive oils, which moisturise and hydrate, and bergamot which is good for dealing with acne. This ones a bit more at £16 but well worth it.

Foaming Face Cleanser

Cleaning my face with products is something i’ve done for years and find it really helps looking fresh, so I put a bit of time in to this. The foaming cleanser comes with a mitt for locking in to pores whilst cleaning off with warm water, which was a good touch.

This one leaves the face feeling clean and rejuvenated (which is what you’d expect) and just like the shaving oil it features oils of bergamot to tackle unwanted acne and leave it feeling soft. £17 for a 50ml bottle.


The moisturiser for men is something that is to be used daily, morning and evening, to leave the skin soft and protected. This one features SPF 15 and good shave or not.

It features mongongo oil, which was used for thousands of years to keep the skin protected in the desert, so that’s a good start. I’m pretty picky about moisturiser due to having sensitive skin, but this one worked well for me and allowed me to keep the skin nice even on days I hadn’t shaved. £17 a bottle which is about right for a decent moisturiser and you pay for what you get, highly recommend.

If you’ve tried the products, let me know what you think, would be great to hear from you.

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4 thoughts on “Review: BRYT Skincare Men’s Collection

  1. I like the sound of the body wash but to be honest £14 is a LOT more than I would usually spend! I tend to go for a cheap and cheerful fruity flavour, and I really enjoy choosing out of all the lovely flavours in the supermarket!

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