Review: Top Luxury Men’s Shampoo Choices

Let’s admit it, when it comes to shampoo for our hair, most of us just opt for whatever is on offer in the supermarkets or just use the girlfriend’s fruity stuff, it’s never something we’ve put much thought in to and how it has an affect on our haircare and style.

So the last few weeks i’ve been trying out some of the fancier products to see if I can tell the difference compared to cheaper ones, how it has an affect on the products I use for styling and if they’re really worth it.

Fine Hair

As you know from previous posts I have quite fine hair which causes struggles with styling and the slightest bit of wind (nightmare), and even though my barber recently told me it’s great for cutting, it’s something i’d change if I could, to give it a fuller look.

The Phyto Phytoprogenium shampoo was the one I tried first as I could relate most to it’s benefits. It contains ginkgo (a non-flowering plant) extract and boosts cell metabolism to promote hair growth and make your hair thicker. I found this actually worked, not massively though, to give it a thicker look with drying and styling straight after wash, however I wasn’t a big fan of the scent and the bottle matches this, looking and smelling a bit like it’s come straight from the lab.

It’s around £10 and you can certainly tell the difference between this and the cheap stuff, giving your hair what it needs. If you have cash to spend on these products and are more about hair care than smelling nice then this is for you.

Anti Dandruff

When I think anti dandruff shampoo I just think of either Head & Shoulders (Joe Hart) or imagine it as some scientifically proven product in a pharmacist. I don’t suffer from dandruff myself but was told the KORRES shampoo was great for tackling this.

I actually really like this one as a normal everyday shampoo and, along with the next, it was the one i’ve used the most. The scent is really fresh and it contains wheatgerm to cool the scalp down. It has a very natural formula of dittany, marjoram and mountain tea (yeah me neither) which improves moisture and elasticity. I found it just made my hair feel really revitalised and once dried was great for styling, good choice.

This ones also around £10 but I feel you get your moneys worth a bit more as it can be used every day. The bottle is a bit flimsy though and a lot comes out easy though so try not to waste it.

Everyday Haircare

This was the first time i’d heard of SACHAJUAN and their “Ocean Mist” shampoo I was a big fan of to be fair. The scent smells great (summer & oceans believe it or not) and it’s a really thick product so it definitely washes the hair right through without washing out before you’ve finished. The bottles minimal design looks great on the bath side too.

This advanced hair technology blends valuable protein and mineral extracts, from Sea Algae, creating volume and structure to the hair, something you don’t really feel from cheaper products and something I’ve never really thought about from picking a product up until now. With it being thicker you don’t use as much too so get a bit more moneys worth from it.

One slight problem is the price. At around £20 for a 250ml bottle it’s a bit pricey for shampoo, however like I said if you have the money to spend on this kind of thing then i’d definitely go for it.


I’ll certainly put more thought in to the shampoo I choose and actually read the labels. There’s so much choice for us lads that I didn’t even know about. Each one has different benefits whether it’s £1 or £20 and different brands specialise in different things. I think the main thing for me is thicker volume so to actually take the time to try new products and read in to them will be a massive help.


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11 thoughts on “Review: Top Luxury Men’s Shampoo Choices

  1. All these products sounds amazing and I always think investing in decent hair care products is key for keeping a healthy head of hair – thanks for sharing

    Laura x

    1. Thanks for reading, this has opened my eyes to what products are out there and i’ll definintely be thinking more about products when buying

  2. I love your descriptions – and proper reviews! I’ll avoid the expensive ones until my youngest stops pouring it out in the bath, but it is good to know that they genuinely make a difference and it’s worth spending some cash. My eldest has very curly afro type hair which gets dandruff, but is also dry, so I will put the Korres on his Christmas list because I think he’d really appreciate it.

    1. Thank you Jenny, glad you enjoyed. Yes they make a good gift rather than buying every month I think, especially your youngest pouring them out 😂

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