Sunday League Screamers – The Best Videos

A couple of month’s back I wrote a post on the struggles of supporting a lower league club and it got me thinking what it would be like to support a non-league club, I couldn’t imagine the troubles you’d go through to see highlights and keep up to date with it all. Anyway, recently I keep seeing those Budweiser adverts with Carragher and Redknapp commentating and analysing some Sunday League belters and they proper make me laugh.

Everyone’s talking about the likes of Vardy and West Ham’s Antonio coming up through the leagues hitting the big time (there’s even talk of a Vardy movie which is pretty mad) so there’s definitely some talent in non-league just waiting to be seen. I decided to take a look at the rest of the Budweiser Dream Goal vids online to see what people have been submitting and I tell you what, there’s some wonder goals in there, these are my favourites, take a look…

budweiser dream goal - image - cascade of colour blog

budweiser dream goal - image - cascade of colour blog

Looking to submit a goal yourself? I would but i’m absolutely shite at football ever since I learnt to drink so I’ll give it a miss. You can do so though on the Budweiser Dream Goal homepage, let me know if you do, i’ll enjoy watching them.

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