Top Men’s Sunglasses Picks for Summer 2016

As you may be aware by now, i’m 100% a Summer person and have been counting down the days until actual Summer since we had that half day of lukewarm sunshine the other week. I won’t lie I got a bit carried away as most of us Brits do, drinking outside, putting Summer mixes on… I even bought a smoothie maker to then realise it wasn’t actually ready to be Summer yet.

Either way, you’ve got to be prepared, it’s only round the corner and the main thing is those sunglasses! I pretty much live in these things during the hot months (as you’ll see on my Instagram) and mainly stick to the Clubmaster & Wayfairer styles, so i’ve decided to take a look at the best picks for Summer 2016.

The New Style

My favourite new pair of sunglasses are these from Ray Ban. “Clubround” is inspired by my personal favourite, the Clubmaster, with a more rounded look which is in style this season for both sunglasses and prescription frames. It’s got a very classic feel to it and will be an icon frame for years to come. I currently have a pair of Wayfairer sunglasses, with Clubmaster next on my list and it won’t be long before I add the Clubround style to my collection.

As all Ray Bans you pay for the quality, these are around £134 so not ones you want to take to any events, keep them for those chilled out holidays.

The Collaboration

I’ve always been a fan of Carhartt clothing (think we all are right?) but when I heard about the new collection with sunglass specialists RETROSUPERFUTURE for Spring I had to check it out. In it’s 5th year the 2016 collaboration is spot on with innovative and stylish frames in 5 styles and loads of colours and effects to pick from.

These are £155 – £165 so quite pricey but you’re not gonna see many people walking round with the same ones on. Like above, don’t go losing these.

Forward Thinking Luxury

I’m really liking this new collection for Spring from Garrett Leight California, celebrating it’s fifth year (with “5 years, homies” engraved on the inside of frames). You’ll recognise the familiar style and shapes of the frames from previous designs, but with brand new colourways and matte finishes on some frames these are the go to eyewear for this Summer to me.

My personal favourite is the “Brooks” style which comes in 6 different colourways but at £260 I don’t think i’ll be owning these any time soon, day dreaming though…

Festival Season

Ok, if like me you go to a lot of music festivals in the summer, and like me, you pretty much lose a pair of sunglasses every time you go then it’s definitely best to not spend big. I love having an expensive, iconic pair of sunglasses like the above but it’s not worth the heartbreak when you see some boozed up teenager stamp them in to the mud and you realise you’ve just pissed away £150.

So, go cheap and spend about £30 on 5 different pairs and styles you don’t care about losing. I found this site Cheap Ass Sunglasses which the names speaks for itself really. They’ve got loads of different styles mimicking the iconic and I went for their “Clubmaster” style, which for just over a fiver are absolutely brilliant. They don’t feel like they’ll break easily (yet) and i’ve worn them out at every opportunity so fingers crossed.

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8 thoughts on “Top Men’s Sunglasses Picks for Summer 2016

  1. I love sunglasses but I am completely hopeless with them!! I ALWAYS break or lose them, which is why I always buy cheap! Although, I did recently get a pair of RayBans which I haven’t worn yet because I basically don’t trust myself!

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