Much Needed Weekend Away in York

The weekend just gone I took a trip to York with the girlfriend for a much needed weekend away. The good thing about living in the city is you can be in another city within hours, so we booked train tickets in advance (railcard you are a delight) and jumped on Late Rooms for a cheap room for the night. Not really bothered too much about the hotel as we knew we’d be out most the time we picked Ibis, a short walk from the centre, and it did the job.

We got there pretty early in the day, dropped off bags and had a look around the shops and buildings to get a feel for the city. It’s a lot smaller than I expected, and my pre-conception of the place was that it would be full of posh students wearing Jack Wills, going over last night’s “Banter” with the lads (don’t get me started…) but I was happy to find a nice mix of young and old, a really pleasant city with character, plenty of side streets, markets and food stalls. The place as a whole had a really great feel and I found that everyone was so friendly.

Whilst shopping we spotted this shop just a bit further out from the high street stuff, with bubbles coming out of it, so headed over and my girlfriend was happy to drag me in to the Yorkshire Soap Company. This was also next door to a shop called The Imaginarium and wow these places were unique! The smells coming out of the soap shop were amazing and this, along with the soundtrack, made it feel like something out of a movie. They even sold luxury old fashioned toothpaste in flavours like liquorice and cinnamon which I thought was pretty cool. I’d certainly recommend finding these shops and taking a look around, even if you’re not in York to spend, it’s nice to take a look at locally produced products and unusual ornaments (I thought so anyway).

I’ve only ever been to York once as a child, and currently being obsessed with craft beers, I was excited to try some nice little bars hidden in the cobbled streets and old buildings. A chatty fella from the soap shop recommended a haunted spot”The Golden Fleece” and pal Sophie’s Scran mentioned Evil Eye but both were packed at 4 in the afternoon (a lot of hen parties) so we found a seat in the oldest establishment in York, “Ye Old Starre Inne” which had a fantastic range of local and American IPA’s.

In terms of food there’s plenty of options! In the evening we went to a place called Missoula Bar & Grill, on the river, which was packed in the bar and at the back was the restaurant. The food was very nice,we ordered a nice rump steak each with chips, salad, garlic & paisley butter to add, washed down with cocktails too. It was delicious and would highly recommend this place if you’re ever visiting York. We also stumbled upon a gluten free spot in the afternoon called Filmore & Union, where I had THE NICEST paprika chicken bagel with guacamole (pictured – bottom). I’m not gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian or any of that but this place was unreal and I’m going to attempt to recreate the dish at home sometime.

The train back was late on the Sunday, and with the sun being out for a second or 2 we decided to do the tourist bits. The wall surrounding the city is a great two mile walk where you get to see the other parts, the uni and more residential side to the city, along with great views of the cathedral. The wall did suddenly disappear at one point though and without looking at your maps you won’t find it again, so we sacked it off and went for a pint (ideal). Along with the walk we finished the weekend off with some pics of the cathedral, but weren’t allowed in due to a ceremony being on, it was stunning from the outside anyway and towers over the small city buildings from any angle.

Who’s been to or from York? I’ll certainly be going back sometime and would love to know what else this city offers…



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17 thoughts on “Much Needed Weekend Away in York

  1. York is a cracking city. Such a rich history behind it and the Shambles totally reminds me of Diagon Alley.

    Been there a couple of times when I was younger but totally didn’t appreciate it as much as I think I would these days. The Jorvik Viking centre is a great thing to go and see too although I think it may have been quite water damaged in the recent floods.

    Definitely need to take a trip back down there soon.

    Peter |

    1. Agreed, loved the place. I actually thought a few times whilst walking round that it was like something off Harry Potter. We were only there for one night but if I was to go back I’d definitely check out the museums and history more.

  2. I’ve been to York twice in the last ten years both times on a special with Groupon to the same B & B. It was fantastic. I took my daughter and her husband the first time in case there was a lot of driving and my wife and I had a ball. After my wife died, I took my daughter and husband and two nieces i honour of my wife’s birthday. Like you I found the people friendly, we loved the market and all the places to have coffee and we ate evening meals in a great pub close to the park, which itself is glorious.
    There’s a fantastic little shop in the Shambles where you can have your photograph taken in costume looking like a country squire with a cathedral backdrop.
    Well worth another visit.

    1. Thanks for reading David, i definintely need to make a trip back and find that shop you mentioned. The B&B is not too far out from the hustle and bustle so it’s a good spot isn’t. What a great city!

  3. Love the look of York! I’ve never been but the little alley ways look so lovely and definitely picturesque. I’d love to visit some day!

  4. I love York! It’s my favourite city in the world, it’s just fantastic. If you ever visit you MUST try Masons Bar & Bistro down Fossgate. Their burgers are to die for! Every time I go I make sure to find time to visit again because I can’t bear to miss the chance! Also just outside of York is a company called Brown & Blond who make the most incredible brownies! They stock a few cafes in York city centre so keep an eye out next time you’re there.

    Sophie @

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