Review: The Top Men’s Hair Products for Fine Hair

I was recently sent a care package from the guys over at Mankind with a selection of hair products best suited for fine (or thinning) hair. Now, i’m not losing my hair but i’ve always had really thin, soft hair which causes a real pain when styling, and living in a city like Liverpool where it’s always windy just adds to the struggles.

I’ve usually just used an own brand thick wax, which I’ve had no trouble with in the past and just thought this, along with a overlay of hairspray, was the best option for keeping it in shape and I was pretty happy with the results, but when the opportunity to try some new products came up I jumped at the chance of seeing what else is out there for thin, fine hair.

Doop (The Freaker) Shaping Gum

This is the one. Out of all the products tried and tested, this gum from Doop is perfect, if like me, you have fine hair. It’s a little thicker than some of the other products but still easy to work with. Just a small pea sized amount is needed, it strengthens the hair straight away and stays in all day with a tiny bit of hairspray (I go for the strong hold stuff but don’t need as much).

It’s £13 for 100ml tub, compared to the £2.50 I was previously paying, which is a bit of a hike but since trying it I now swear by it. Because you use less daily though, it lasts longer and you save money. Win win.


This stuff works wonders with the above mentioned gum. It’s a volumising powder with proteins that add bulk to hair diameter. It comes in a tiny bottle which feels like there’s nothing in it.

Applied whilst the hair is damp, you don’t need much at all, then dry your hair as normal with the hairdryer into what ever direction or style you usually go for. Once sorted with this you can style your hair as normal with whatever choice of product and it gives hair a bit of extra volume than usual.

I wouldn’t say this stuff is necessary but it does work so if you have a spare £16.50 you’re willing to part with then go for it.

TIGI – Bed Head For Men

tigi bed head for men - cascade of colour blog image

This molding paste is another option if the doop stuff isn’t for you. Made by TIGI who create the “Bed Head” range. It’s not as thick so you can work it in your hands and mess about with a few different styles (whereas Doop puts it in to place pretty much straight away), however with my hair this wasn’t strong enough to withstand the wind on it’s own so had to use with hairspray.

Similar price it’s £11.50 for a 83g tub so not too bad and you pay for what you get I guess.

Let me know which ones are best for you in the comments below…

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10 thoughts on “Review: The Top Men’s Hair Products for Fine Hair

  1. Tigi is the only brand I have come across from the ones you have mention within this post and it is popular with my mister, though his current thing is pomades!

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