How Colour Has An Effect On Your Days…

With a name like “Cascade of Colour”, it’s only right to do a post about Colour psychology at some point. It’s always been something that interests me, the way different colours have an effect on people’s decisions and feelings like some Derren Brown shit is quite a subject (to me anyway, you might switch off by now).

The infographic by Calibre down below takes a look at how colour has an affect on the workplace, fashion and the power to heal (mad right? It’s like that episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ where the paintings put a spell on those dogs), and it got me thinking about my favourite colours in designs and what they mean.

On a complete tangent here, but has anyone been to one of those colour runs where they literally throw paint powder on you whilst you run a marathon? It’s all fun and games but I’d find it hard enough running, never mind someone throwing powder in my face, it’d be like that cinnamon challenge everyone’s doing! Correct me if i’m wrong…

colour run - cascade of colour blog
Nah, not for me…

Anyway, my favourite colour is blue, although my football team (Morecambe, mention this way too much) is red! According to colour psychology, blue has a calming impact and reduces pain, which explains why I’m so chilled out most of the time. It also apparently enhances brain functions which is is sounding pretty good to me.

I’ve also noticed, in terms of marketing, a lot of the heavyweight and youthful brands use red (I’ve worked in marketing so hear me out on this), which is often associated with excitement and energy. Brands like Netflix, Nintendo & Canon all use red and can related to being excitable, bold with their technology and popular amongst millennials, maybe this colour theory thing is true? The colour red is also something I look to use in my own designs for similar reasons, but also I see it as pioneering and ambitious if that means anything.

Anyway, take a look at the info below & lemme know what you think…

Colour Pyschology - Cascade of colour blog

In case you’re actually interested at my mention of Morecambe, check out my post on supporting a lower league team…

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7 thoughts on “How Colour Has An Effect On Your Days…

  1. This is so interesting, I’ve often thought about the impact colour has on your mood and the way certain colours make you feel. Quite often too a person’s favourite colour reflects their personality, which makes perfect sense! Thanks for sharing this, a great read 🙂


    1. Absolutely, It’s amazing how much colour has an affect on our lives without even realising. Thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed!

  2. I never actually thought of colour as having that much effect. It’s interesting when you look closer though, I’m not sure I could feel relaxed in a red bedroom and there is absolutely no red in my workplace, except for fire signage.

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