Must Watch Television: March

I’ve decided to start a series of posts taking a look at my personal favourite TV series on the box at the mo. I’m currently watching about 5 different shows at once and need someone to talk to them about (what’s the point in watching TV if you can’t talk about it, right?), I’ll throw these up once a month so if you have any recommendations for me to watch, let me know…

1. Limitless – Sky One

You NEED to get on this! This was the main reason I set up this post so I can bang on about how good this is. You don’t need to have watched the film (which is also brilliant) to get in to it either, although it does feature Bradley Cooper’s character in a couple of early scenes but you get the drift pretty quick.

Anyway, It’s about a fella called Brian Finch who’s a bit of a mope until he dabbles with a drug called NZT-48 which opens his brain and gives him perfect recall of everything read, seen or heard (could do with some myself). I won’t give too much away but he ends up joining the FBI with that lass from Dexter and it’s safe to say things get lairy from here…

On every Wednesday at 9pm, its 5 episodes in but easy to catch up on Sky Go or whatever.

Limitless - Cascade of Colour

2. The Aliens – E4

This is only one episode in so I can’t talk too much about it, but what an episode it was. One of my favourite British actors, Michael Socha, and his mad eyebrows feature in this one (the guy from This Is England), plus a load of recognisable faces from the likes of Top Boy.

This was advertised absolutely everywhere, so it was hard to miss, but i’m glad I tuned in and I can’t wait for next week’s episode already. It’s about earth since Aliens crashed landed and have their own segregated zone called Troy, and the main character, Lewis, works on the gates. The aliens look like humans but their hair is a drug (mad, I know) so drug smuggling is a big problem.

There’s a lot of things I could mention here but if you’ve not watched it I wont give it away, definitely worth a watch though. On every Tuesday at 9pm.

The aliens e4 - cascade of colour

3. Bloodline – Netflix

If like me you’re too engrossed in the TV, this is a belter. I’m about 7 episodes in and really enjoying it. An actor that’s involved tweeted me once too, so thats spurred me on to see who he is (below)

It’s about the Rayburn family who live in Florida and run a big beachside hotel. The story follows the black sheep of the family, Danny, causing turmoil between his siblings and the family who have a mysterious past. Each episode delves a little bit deeper in to what that past is and I can’t wait to find out.

Bloodline - Cascade of colour

What are you currently watching on television? Always love finding new series to get in to.

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