A Lad’s Guide to Last Minute Mothers Day Gifts

If you’re anything like me you usually leave gift buying until the last minute, and Mother’s Day is one of the worst for it, it just creeps up on you out of nowhere and next thing you know you’re on the train back home contemplating handing over the chocolate bar that comes with your Tesco meal deal as a gift.

I’m pretty prepared this year for once, a quick flower delivery purchased on pay day was the best decision i’ve had, but I know the feeling when you’re scrambling about on the Saturday wondering what to buy, so here’s some ideas…

1. Booze

Who doesn’t like booze? There’s so many choices and everyones grateful for receiving some free booze on any occasion. Rum? Gin? Vodka? Get that one bottle that’s a little bit more pricey and your Mum will love it. It’s not something they will waste and they can keep it in the cupboards for special occasions. I recommend Liverpool Gin, variety of different flavours and they also do gift boxes too!

Cascade of Colour Drink

2. Throwback Box

One thing my mum keeps saying is “ahh what i’d do to have you as a toddler again for the day”, which either means I was a cute kid or she’s bored of me now. Either way, it makes a great idea for a Mother’s Day gift. Create a little box of old photos and anything you kept hold of from the childhood days. Photos of the two of you together, any reminders of past jokes or events you’ve been to together. Cheap and thoughtful, ideal.

cascade of colour memories

3. An independent restaurant/shopping discount card

If you live in one of the big cities there’s an array of local independent shops/cafes/restaurants that are something a bit different to the usual chains, plus you’re supporting local independent companies. In Liverpool, there’s the Independent Liverpool card, which can be bought from Utility in town (and online), which gives you discounts and freebies from a whole load of companies, it makes the perfect gift whether your family are visiting you for the weekend or they live nearby themselves (also use it for when you’re taking them out for that Mother’s Day meal – always thinking).

cascade of colour restaurant

4. Something that will benefit yourself too

Is there one thing that doesn’t work when you visit, or an event you want to go to? Buy it, not only is it a Mother’s Day gift but it’s also a gift for yourself and she’ll never know! It might be a gig or film you both want to see, or something in the kitchen like a toastie maker, either way she’ll appreciate having it and you get something out of it too.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 14.13.14

5. Quality time

So you’re skint as usual and you’ve spent your cash on 7 team football accumulators (yeah I never win either). Not to worry you can still get your Mum something she’ll remember, and not look like a right ungrateful sod! Mum’s love it when you visit, whether you’ve moved away for Uni or live down the road, go for a cuppa, a walk or even just to raid the cupboards for food, they’ll be happy to see you and it will make their day more than a thoughtless card.

cascade of colour blog home

Looks like i’m sticking to my New Year’s Resolution so far…

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7 thoughts on “A Lad’s Guide to Last Minute Mothers Day Gifts

  1. great post with some genuinely decent advice for Mother’s Day! nice to see lads still care about their mummy dears! x

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