Trainers of Instagram: Part One

It’s only when I clicked on the “Posts I’ve Liked” section of Instagram I realised just how bad my obsession for trainers was. Scrolling down my timeline, I’ve subconsciously been double tapping on trainer photos for a while now, creating a nice collection of sneaker designs to wet the appetite.

Apart from the odd dog, burger and city landscape, Instagram is the place to be for that inspiration on the next footwear to purchase (or dream of owning), so here’s a collection of my favourite designs.

I’m really liking Adidas Ultra Boosts at the moment (I think everyone is right?) and with more colourways coming out, I can’t help but want them all. I don’t even know how I would pick if I was the fella in the photo below. I could’ve put up about 10 boost photos in this post with the burgundy, green & dark grey my favourites so far (apart from the chocolate colourways further down… oh my!)

My current favourite pair of trainers through Winter have been my New Balance 996 deconstructed pair which I picked up in the Size sale. They look great with dark grey jeans and a matching green parka jacket and have done me well through the cold months. They were only £70 in the sale and I actually bought them online in bed on Christmas morning, spending my money before I had it…well worth it!

These New Balance 997 trainers below are right up my street, I wish I owned this pair. The photo itself is nicely shot and it’s the type of sneaker shot I instantly double click without knowing. As you can tell I really like the dark, autumnal coloured trainers with a hint of colour here and there, so these are absolutely perfect in my eyes.

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Back to the boosts (can’t resist) I spotted this pair of chocolate colourways, which I believe are just a sample at the moment. I REALLY hope these get released in the UK and I might actually pay scandalous money for them, definitely my favourite trainer at the moment, along with the black, blue and red NMD’s which are sold out EVERYWHERE.

Females: Looking for some good trainers for Yoga/Fitness etc.? A pal of mine tested out these Adidas runners for Yoga.

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12 thoughts on “Trainers of Instagram: Part One

  1. Considering how much time I spend at the gym/ walking and running outdoors I should really invest and spend some money on a good pair of trainers but I’m holding out until I head to America in the summer x

  2. The boost ones look really cool! I was given (yaaay!) a new pair of Nike trainers recently and I’ve been wearing them 🙂 They make me feel like I’m wearing socks! I hope you find an affordable pair of boosts soon because they really are beautiful!

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