£100 Spent on Food Takeaways in One Weekend

So if you’re following me on Twitter you’ll know i’m not afraid to dabble with the odd competition (especially free food) and the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, I spotted a belter from Deliveroo –  £100 to spend on takeaways. I couldn’t believe my luck on the Friday afternoon when it popped up I had won! 😂

There was all sorts going through my head, what to pick? Should I try something new? How do you even spend £100 on takeaways?! Anyway, it only took me and my girlfriend 3 days to eat our way through the spend, and what a weekend it was!

Day 1 (Friday): Pizza

This’ll make you hungry. Nothing is better on a Friday night than Pizza, so it was the only option. There’s this Italian restaurant in Liverpool called Casa Italia & it’s one of the cities longest running eateries. The pizzas here are unreal, we picked 2 10″ pizzas at around £7 each, and some dough balls.

Casa Italia Liverpool Pizza

I can’t even talk about how nice these are, the chicken & pepper pizza is the nicest Pizza i’ve had in the city, and there’s a lot of choice! We also went for the spicy beef pizza which is on another level. Really fresh pizzas and very reasonable priced compared to the usual takeaways. If you’re looking for a decent pizza in Liverpool I seriously suggest this place, takeaway from Deliveroo or eat in at the restaurant. They do nice Pasta too!

Still £75 left to spend…

Day 2 (Saturday): Thai

The competition itself was a Valentine’s competition so to celebrate we decided at a bit more “fancier” restaurant for a takeaway. Miss Kitty’s in town is a place we’ve eaten at before and have been craving going back for months, so winning this it was the only option to go for!

We ordered a selection of things we’ve had previously, and some new bits to try, spread it out on the table and got stuck in! We ordered the coconut curry chips (so nice, they do these at Death Row Diner too), Korean chicken fingers (taste nicer than they sound), Hoisin Duck rolls, Hoisin Breaded Chicken and the Crispy Chili beef.

Miss Kittys Asian Food Liverpool

It’s so much nicer than the usual Chinese takeaways, even though it does similar dishes, you can just tell it’s fresher and the ingredients are well researched and put together. It’s a bit more expensive (around £12 a dish) but well worth it! Located on Fleet Street, you’ll spot the neon sign, they do nice cocktails too, and the accompanying bar, Metro, downstairs does a great selection of American beers & cocktails.

Day 3 (Sunday): Fried Chicken

Ok this one I didn’t get any photos of as it was about 10pm on a Sunday night and I was way too hungry. We went for fried chicken from Patterson’s in town, and it’s by far the nicest in town.

It’s a skate bar & eatery near Wolstenholme Square which opened up last year, and specialises in beer & chicken, the american way! I ordered the Fried Chicken burger with BBQ sauce, sweet potato fries and some extra chicken on the side. They do amazing gravy here but unfortunately there was none left.

Even though the delivery was delayed a whole hour, I can’t complain too much. Great place to go even for just a drink if you’re in Liverpool, really friendly staff!


So there you have it, £100 spent on food in one weekend and I don’t regret it one bit! Get £5 off your oder with this link: 

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19 thoughts on “£100 Spent on Food Takeaways in One Weekend

  1. Oh wow, this was like the competition of dreams! Whenever we order takeaway it usually lasts us two days as it is – dare I say it, I might be sick of takeaway after 6 days of it! I would have gone for a local company here who does burgers, we can easy spend about £50 there. And then maybe the rest on Chinese!

    1. It really was! I enter a lot of food competition on Twitter but this one was by far the best. It was a struggle eating it all, especially the Thai food but well worth it. I think a bit of time off from the takeaways for me now….

      Thanks for reading!

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