The Struggles of Supporting a Lower League Club Living Away

“What team do you support?”, “Morecambe“. Their silence and confusion is a response every supporter of a lower league team will be familiar with, whether it’s League 1, 2 or even the Vanarama National, this is a common reply. Less so if you live in the area, but since I moved out from my parents  6 years ago the struggles have got worse.

I’m proud to support my hometown club, it’s been tempting enough to give up but i’ve stuck by them (Morecambe) through the years. There will always be the stubbornness from those who support Premier League teams, their belief that nothing exists below the Championship apart from early FA cup weekends, and even then we have to put up with the comments of “I could play better than that” or “it’s just hoof ball down there”. Yeah the standard isn’t the best, but at least it’s all about the fans, less about the money grabbing owners and you can actually afford a ticket. You might even get a decent pie for once!

It was all going swimmingly before moving to Liverpool for Uni in 2010, cheap season ticket, some decent football every other Saturday & the local excitement at a higher league cup draw or television fixture. But then I moved away… Nowadays it’s a struggle to even know what’s going on with the club. Apart from the odd game against an away team close by or a trip home for an occasion (apart from Christmas, waterlogged pitch), I don’t get to see much action.

There’s a quick glimpse of the goals on Sky Sports News if you don’t blink, 15 seconds of highlights on Channel 5 at 10pm (at least that’s an improvement of the old waiting up till 1am on BBC), and that wait till the Monday lunch time for “extended” (2 mins max) highlights online. I’m constantly dreaming of that big cup draw against United, City or Arsenal, the chance to be on TV and get people talking about my club on Twitter, see what we can do in the spotlight and get ourselves on the map.

Apart from the struggles above, i’d never not support Morecambe. Admittedly we aren’t the best right now but who knows what’ll happen in the future. If you’ve supported your local club and it’s not one of the big ones, you’ll understand exactly what I mean. You could say why don’t you travel back for the home games, with travel and tickets it’s not the cheapest. For now i’ll just have to stick to the limited footage, constant checking of LiveScore app and my Dad’s text updates at the game. The struggles are real!

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11 thoughts on “The Struggles of Supporting a Lower League Club Living Away

  1. Aww can’t say I relate to this because I don’t really watch football that much anymore now that I live in UK, but when I was living in Italy I always supported Juventus and I was in the minority since I’m from Milan.

  2. Well I can relate to this completely. I’m a dutch groundhopping fanatic and first of all I have respect for those who support their local football team. Here in the Netherlands it’s not as common as hoped. The people in my hometown are going to the likes of PSV Eindhoven, Ajax Amsterdam or Feyenoord Rotterdam, despite having a professional team in my hometown.

    In my experience going to english football, the feeling was best in L1, L2 and the non-league teams. Haven’t been to morecambe yet though, certainly going to do that now 🙂

    In the Netherlands I’m a follower of VVV-Venlo in the 2nd tier and the feeling is similar. It’s pure, less money involved and the people who go to the stadiums/grounds are real fans and not there for the succes. (although succes tastes so good)

    It’s so refreshing to read your story!

    Marc | Bugger All Blog

    1. Thanks Marc, i’ll certainly keep an eye out for VVV-Venlo for you and I’m a bit of a Football Manager fanatic so might even manage them on there! It sounds like its the same in the Netherlands as England, luckily the introduction of highlights on TV is helping expose people to the lower league delights.

  3. I’ve supported a premiership side and watched them slide their way all the way down to league one (Sheffield United) and completely get the frustration. While we might be considered a ‘bigger club’ the struggle and adjustment to league one has been tough, although some spicy cup ties in the last few years have kept us in the public eye not to mention court cases of ex players!

    I’ll keep an eye out for an FA cup tie and you never know you might end up down at Bramall Lane in the next few years!

    (P.S I hope last nights result didn’t hurt too much!)

    1. Oh I remember a trip to Bramall Lane in the Capital One Cup maybe 5 years ago now, a nice 5-0 beating haha, that was a long trip home. I’ve already forgotten about last nights result, pretend it never happened.

      It’s a shame when teams like yours slide down the leagues, I hope to see Sheff U back up there soon enough! Thanks for reading

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