The Art Of The Music Festival T-Shirt

As the Music Festival season is coming to an end in the UK, I’m taking a look at the coolest merchandise available from these festivals, most being available to purchase online still. Whether you have attended Music Festivals yourself this Summer, or just a fan of good design, you’ll appreciate these t-shirts for standing out from the crowd, creating a whole new fashion market.

Recently, I attended Rob Da Bank’s Isle of Wight party, Bestival, which in my opinion is one of the greatest festivals in the country, if not the World! I had a bit of time to check out the merchandise on offer, and with the festival having a nautical theme, I was impressed with what was on offer. The stand out T-shirt for me was the ‘Tattoo Mermaid’ t-shirt, featuring a cartoon mermaid in a classic tattoo style, with the name and location of the festival matching the style, on a white background. The colour and design of this stood out for me, as it was completely different to house style used by the festival for all posters, wristbands, lanyards etc.


I then checked out Bestival’s merchandise website, once I arrived back home, to find an online exclusive t-shirt for the festival. The tee, designed by Kate Moross, a designer from London, follows the nautical theme of Bestival, using 4 basic colours and shapes coming out of the water, featuring traits of the ‘magical’ Bestival, such as “24 hour Party People” and “Magic Meadow”, along with happy faces and clouds to name a few. The four basic colours of turquoise, yellow, red and blue make the design really stand out in a unique way, with the Bestival name placed in the centre of the creative design.


Seeing the unique designs Bestival had to offer for it’s merchandise, it inspired me to have a look in to other Music Festival merchandise from this Summer, compiling a list of my top 4 designs from UK festivals.

4. Beacons Festival – Skipton, Yorkshire


3. Kendal Calling – Penrith, Cumbria


2. Secret Garden Party РHuntingdon, Cambridgeshire 


1. Latitude Festival –¬†Blythburgh, Suffolk



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